Saint helena

Saint Helena, basically named after ‘Saint Helena of Constantinople’ is an island of volcanic origin in the South Atlantic Ocean. It is a part of British Overseas territory, which also includes ‘Ascension Island’ and the Islands of ‘Tristan da cunha’. Saint Helena has an area of 121 sq. km which was uninhabited until its discovery done by the Portuguese in 1502. It’s a tropical island shaped by history, volcanic mountains, turquoise beaches , clear waterfalls and everything that is needed to making it a perfect tourist destination. ‘Jamestown’ is the capital of Saint Helena.

Who were the first people to settle down in Saint Helena?

The Saints, as the people of Saint Helena are called are blend of descendants from Europeans who were mostly planters, government employees and ex-soldiers serving in the local St Helena Regiment, Chinese who were workers from about 1810 and slaves mostly from Africa, Madagascar and Asia.

What are the religions followed in Saint Helena?

Most Residents of the island belong to the Anglican Communion and are the members of the Diocese of Saint Helena, which has its own bishop and includes the Ascension Island. Christianity too has deep roots and has played a symbolic part in the island’s community, the majority of the people belonging to the church of United Kingdom. The various other Christian denominations on the island include Roman Catholic, Salvation Army, and Baptist and in recent times Seventh day Adventist and Jehovah’s witnesses.

How are the climatic conditions in Saint Helena?

The climate varies across the island noticeably. The climate in Saint Helena is basically tropical, marine and mild due to the Benguela current and the winds that blow almost continuously. The capital city Jamestown has a very low annual rainfall and on the south coast, it is mostly cloudier.

What is the staple diet of the people of Saint Helena?

The island has been influenced by several European powers and the ships passing through during its history, which has affected the cuisine and now it is vibrant and different varieties of international cuisine is experienced. It is basically influenced from the British, Malay and the Chinese with regards to its methods and the ingredients used. The traditional dishes are very spicy with a pinch of Indian and East Asia dining. Fish is the staple diet of the people here and it is used in various ways: Fish cakes, curries, roasted fishes, soups and much more to it.

How is the transport system in Saint Helena?

Saint Helena is one of the most remote islands in the world, as it does not have any commercial airports and the travel to the island is by ship only. A large military airfield is located on the Ascension Island with two Friday flights available to only a limited number of civilians. The ship RMS Saint Helena runs between St Helena and Cape Town, also visiting Walvis Bay. Minibus service is made available to carry people around Saint Helena with most services designed to take people into the capital city for few hours on weekdays for their business purpose. Car rental service is also made available for tourists and visitors.

How does the economy function in Saint Helena ?

The economy of Saint Helena depends largely on financial assistance provided by the United Kingdom, whereas the local population earn through fishing and selling handicrafts. There are very few jobs and thus the people have to seek employment overseas. It is majorly into construction work and production of handicrafts which include furniture and lacework. Majority of the people are employed in construction and service industry. The tourist industry is mostly based on the promotion of Napoleon’s imprisonment, and there is a possibility for sport fishing, which attract tourists too. And Saint Helena produces the most expensive coffee in the world along with the production and export of Tungi spirit, which is actually made from cactus pear – the fruit.

What are the sports played and promoted in Saint Helena ?

There are many sports played on the island of Saint Helena including association football, tennis, cricket, and volleyball, shooting sports, golf and yachting. Saint Helena has sent a number of teams to the Common Wealth games and is a member of the International island games association. And its cricket team made its debut in international cricket in the third division of the African region of the world cricket league in 2011. And another famous event that is held every year on this island is the timed run.

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