What is Prostate Cancer?

Prostate Cancer is the cancer of the prostate gland. Prostate Cancer develops when cells in the prostate gland grow out of control. It is among the most common types of cancer occurring in men. Some types of Prostate Cancer grow slowly and may require minimum or no treatment at all, whereas other types are aggressive and can even spread quickly.

What causes Prostate Cancer?

The precise cause of Prostate Cancer is yet unknown, but the doctors know that it occurs when cells in the prostate become abnormal. The mutations in the abnormal cells results in the cells to grow and divide at a faster rate than the normal cells.

What are the signs and symptoms of Prostate Cancer?

In the initial stage Prostate Cancer may not show any signs, but once it is more advanced it may cause symptoms like:

  • Blood in the urine
  • Blood in the semen
  • Pain in the bones
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Trouble while urinating
  • Pain in lower back, thighs or hips
  • Discomfort in the pelvic area
Which factors increase the risk of developing Prostate Cancer?

Factors that increase the risk of developing Prostate Cancer include:

Old age: It is common among the men aging over 60. The risk of developing Prostate Cancer increases with the age.

Black men: In comparison with men of other races, black men are at a greater risk of developing Prostate Cancer. It is not clear why, but in black men, Prostate Cancer is likely to be more advanced and aggressive.

Obese: Overweight or obese people are more prone to developing Prostate Cancer.

Which consultant should be consulted for Prostate Cancer?

For Prostate Cancer, one should consult an Urologist.

What measures should be taken to avoid the risk of developing Prostate Cancer?

One can reduce the risk of developing Prostate Cancer if the following measures are followed:

Healthy Diet: Food with high-fats should be avoided and more focus should be given on consuming fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Vegetables and fruits contain many vital nutrients and vitamins that can contribute to our health. Consumption of green tea or red wine is recommended too. Eating a healthy diet can improve our overall health.

Workout: Exercising improves our overall health by maintaining our weight. Men who work-out on a regular basis, have lower incidence of developing Prostate Cancer in comparison with men who get little or no exercise.

Healthy weight: If our weight is healthy, then we should still workout and maintain our weight. For overweight people, regular workout with proper diet is recommended. A doctor should be consulted for creating a balanced diet plan for a healthy weight loss.

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