Though Molybdenum is a trace element which is required in small quantity, it is also a part of the energy producing mechanism of our body.

What is the role of Molybdenum in our body?

Molybdenum plays an important role in the fat and carbohydrate metabolism of our body. It thus happens because Molybdenum helps the production of the enzymes such as sulphite oxidase, xanthine oxidase and aldehyde oxidase which are needed for the conversion of energy from the fats and carbohydrates. It is also useful for prevention against anaemia, tooth decay, detoxification of preservatives and sulphites, and fighting against the caner causing chemical compounds - nitrosamines.

What is the proper range of daily Molybdenum intake?

Molybdenum has an age-wise daily requirement which has to be consumed for a proper body mechanism. An infant needs 2-3 micrograms of Molybdenum per day while a child should have a daily Molybdenum intake of 22-43 micrograms. The recommended dosage for an adult is 45 micrograms per day but for a pregnant or breastfeeding woman, 50 micrograms per day is a must.

How does lack of Molybdenum affect our body?

Molybdenum deficiency is rare. But when the required amount is lacking in our body, it causes nausea, headache, vomiting, increased heartbeat and breathing rates and mental retardation.

What are the sources of Molybdenum?

The food sources of Molybdenum for our body are meats, liver, whole grains, barley, peas, legumes, lima beans, canned beans, sunflower seeds, spinach, dark leafy vegetables and milk.

What are the side effects of excess Molybdenum?

Excess intake of Molybdenum is toxic for our body. Some of the symptoms are swollen joints and liver, and problems in the tract of kidney and digestive system. It thus results in gout causing pain and inflammation in the joints, diarrhoea, anaemia and also slow growth.

What causes the depletion of Molybdenum?

The cause for the depletion of Molybdenum from our body is the excess consumption of food which contains copper, tungsten and sulphates.

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