Holy see

The Vatican City, also officially known as, the The Holy See is the Italian capital of the city of Rome. It is the smallest city and maintains good relationships with about 150 countries thereby issuing passports, coins and stamps. The Holy See is a government of the Catholic Church that operates the Vatican City State. The City created its own independence in 1929 by signing a Treaty between Italy and the Holy See. However, the land had the origins of considerable domains of the last vestige, Papal, in the Central Italy.

Where is Holy See (the Vatican City) located?

The Holy See (Vatican City) is located in the Southern Europe and enclaves Rome, an important city of Italy. Covering a total area of 0.44 sq km, it is the smallest city of the world. Comparatively, it is just about 0,7 times the size of the National Mall in Washington, D.C. Since the city is landlocked, it does not stretch its coastline but lies between 41° 54’N latitude and 12° 27’E longitude. The city is surrounded partly by walls. The five entrances to the Vatican City are protected by the Pontifical Swiss Guards and Gendarmes Corps.

What kind of land and climatic conditions does the Vatican City consist of?

The city identifies itself as religious and represents itself as transnational and universal. Most of the people reside in the urban areas. The land has low hills around and has many walls surrounding a major part of the area. The climate is temperate, that is, it has mild and rainy winters from September to May and has hot and dry summers from May to September.

What is the overall culture of the people in the Holy See?

The apex of the social hierarchy is the Pope and cardinal-archbishops, priests, come under him. The social stratification is mostly male dominated. The culture insists modest and decent dresses in the sacred places. People are not allowed to speak during the addressal speeches of the priests. The food habits are influenced by that of Rome. Similar to the Italians, the people in the city think that their cooking is the best. The Italians have the traditional meal of the seven fishes on the New Year’s Eve, which includes eels, conch and squid. The traditional Easter Dish is the lamb. A pasta course is necessary for each meal. The religion that dominates the city is Roman Catholicism. The major religious practitioners are the Catholic clergies and they administer the seven sacraments, which depends on their rank.

How is the economy structure of the Holy See (the Vatican City)?

As the country is religious, the city is supported by a variety of sources, which includes the investments, real estate and other donations in the name of charity from the institutions. They fund the Roman Curia, diplomatic missions and media outlets. The contributing industries to the city are printing, production of coins, medals, postage stamps, staff uniforms and other banking and financial activities.

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