Glorioso islands

Imagining a destination without any hotels, restaurants, nightclubs or any public accommodation seems so difficult, especially in today’s advanced age! However, such a place does exist and it is called Glorioso Islands. It is a French possession in the year 1892, which includes five islands, out of which, two are fertile, green and vegetated known as Glorieuse and the other three are smaller rock islands.

Where exactly is Glorioso Islands located?

The Glorioso Islands or Glorieuses are a group of French islands, which covers an area of 5 sq. km. It extends to 11° 33’ S latitude and 47° 20’ E longitude. Stretching in the northern Mozambique Channel, it is 160 km to the northwest of Madagascar. The comparative area of the Glorioso Islands can be about eight times the size of The Mall in Washington D.C. The islands are surrounded by an extensive reef system. The natural resources include guano and coconuts.

Who discovered the Glorioso Islands?

In 1880, a Frenchman named Hippolyte Caltaux founded the Glorioso Islands. He made his plantation of coconut and maize when he discovered the island. The French possessed it in the year 1892. Since it is close to Madagascar, it claims to dominate the land.

What is the topography and the climatic conditions of Glorioso Islands?

As it extends its coastline to 35.2 km, its climate is tropical with a low and flat terrain. Since it is an island, the land is a sandy one and is lush green vegetated and has more of coconut plantations.

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