What is Ganglion?

Ganglion cysts are normally seen as lumps in the hand at the wrist. They may also occur in other locations. They may appear and disappear without any treatment in most cases. They are mostly quite harmless as they are just a biological tissue mass. The structures in the Ganglion are interconnected. A cyst like swelling forms with jelly like fluid in it. They vary in size and will reduce if adequate rest is accorded the affected part.

Does Ganglion pose a serious predicament?

Ganglion may be a serious problem as it develops at the joints. It affects the nervous and peripheral system in the body and this has to be treated immediately. If a cyst at the joint applies pressure on the nerves that are present at the joint then pain, tingling, and muscle weakness can result.

Are there different types of Ganglion?

There are two types of Ganglion. The Dorsal Root Ganglion affects the nerves. The Autonomic Ganglion contours autonomic nerves. It affects the fibres either from the nerve system to the ganglia or from the ganglia to the effector organ. (a muscle or gland which has an effect when it is turned on by a motor neurone)

What are the signs that I have Ganglion?

A small soft lump in the wrist or any other joint or at the back of the fingers is the first visible sign. Ganglion is a curable ailment. It may rupture and disappear by itself. It sometimes needs to be reversed with a needle or syringe in a process called aspiration or a cortisone injection has to be used. Surgery in some rare cases is recommended.

Which consultant should I consult if I have Ganglion?

For Ganglion, one should consult a General Physician or Orthopaedic SUrgeon in the case of adults and children.

Does Ganglion affect my body in a permanent way?

Ganglion may affect one permanently. The brain motor vessels get affected.  Pain in wrists and ankles and localized swellings show early signs of arthritis. Tightness around joints, discomfort and tightness around the knees and hands are also some telltale signs. If treated the Ganglion goes away. Bakers cyst on the knees affect the knee fluid and this handicaps the patient.

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